Welcome to the Medical Providers Toolkit. We've assembled 7 tools to support your best practices in developmental screening and early intervention:

Toolkit icon 1 9 15Screen Early

  • encourages parents to set up developmental screenings for their children and describes various types of screenings.

  • includes a list of North Dakota contacts for screenings at various ages.

Track Your Child’s Developmental Milestones

  • encourages parents to talk with their child's doctor about developmental milestones.

  • includes a colorful map of key milestones from age 6 months through 4 years.

The Medical Home and Early Intervention Programs

  • describes the Early Intervention Program for Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities.

  • discusses early intervention and treatment, referral sources, eligibility determination, individualized family service plans, and communication between medical homes and early intervention programs.

Comprehensive Developmental & Social-Emotional Developmental Screening Recommendations for North Dakota Medical Providers

  • includes AAP recommendations on developmental monitoring from surveillance through evaluation.

  • describes NDAAP recommendations on social-emotional screening in children aged 0-3 years old within the medical home.

  • explains social-emotional red flags from 6 through 24 months old.

Early Intervention, IDEA Part C Services, and the Medical Home: Collaboration for Best Practice & Best Outcomes

  •  published in the October 2013 edition of Pediatrics.

Developmental Screening and Referral Sample Policy

  • briefly addresses purpose and intent, training and education, definitions, policy, and effective date.

Sample MOU

  • briefly addresses intent, objectives, definitions, responsibilities, maintenance, compliance, and other items.