Authentic Voices

Authentic Voices

Volunteer Advocates Speaking Up for Abused and Neglected Children in North Dakota

Prevent Child Abuse ND invites you to become involved in Authentic Voices, a coalition of advocates speaking on behalf of abused and neglected children in North Dakota. Authentic Voices Advocates come from all walks of life in North Dakota and express their advocacy work in varied ways.

Authentic Voices Advocates feel, from deep within their core, an urgency to speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves. Often, if they feel comfortable tapping into their own maltreatment experiences, they frame their message based on authentic experiences.

Although uniquely different, one common thread binds the Advocates together--their deep commitment to end child abuse and neglect in North Dakota.

Authentic Voices Advocates exemplify their deep commitment in unique and creative ways. They may, individually or as a group,

  • Encourage the public and policy-makers to act on issues that prevent child abuse and neglect
  • Post about an issue on Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites
  • Speak out at a town meeting or a legislative hearing
  • Educate and communicate with local and state leaders who have the power to make long-lasting changes
  • Band together with other advocates building a chorus of VOICES

Speaking for Children and Informing Decision Makers

Authentic Voices Group DiscussionPrevent Child Abuse North Dakota supports the efforts of Authentic Voices Advocates through

  • Regular updates on local and state child abuse and neglect issues
  • Highlighting programs that make a difference
  • Informing advocates of upcoming legislation
  • Mentoring individuals on the “how to” of advocacy and, most importantly, bringing advocates together to strengthen their VOICES and their impact

BOD Brunette Leslie ALeslie Brunette, an Authentic Voices Advocate, says it best. “Authentic Voices is the heart and soul of the future we seek to create, one filled with hope and community! Encouraging one another, building each other up, empowering confidence to change the conversation and, ultimately, stop abuse. We invite you to join this community and mission! One conversation at time, we will stop the cycle of abuse.”

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