Preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome by helping parents understand infant crying and developmental stages

purple cryingDesigned for parents of newborns, The Period of PURPLE Crying is an educational program that emphasizes the dangers of Shaken Baby Syndrome. The DVD program helps parents and caregivers understand infant crying, teaching the "crying characteristics" that Ronald G. Barr has researched for over 25 years.

Specifically, "the period of PURPLE crying" describes the time in a baby's life when he or she cries more than usual. The word PURPLE, an acronym, representing the following:


The DVD program helps families understand that PURPLE crying is a period (with a beginning and an end) and that everyone will get through it. The program also teaches ways to address it; for instance, parents and caregivers can place the infant in a space spot, walk away for a short while, and check on the infant every couple of minutes.

PCAND coordinates with hospitals throughout North Dakota to train staff on the program and distribute the DVD to parents of newborns. Currently, the following hospitals participate: Altru Hospital (Grand Forks), Essentia Hospital (Fargo), Sanford Hospital (Fargo and Bismarck), St. Joseph's Hospital (Dickinson), and West River Health Services (Hettinger).

In North Dakota, the program is funded by the ND Department of Human Services, the federal MIECHV program.

For more information, contact Sandy Tibke, Executive Director, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 701.223.9052.