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The official running team of Prevent Child Abuse North Dakota, TEAM PCAND carries a message of hope wherever they run. Comprised of triathletes, Boston Marathoners, late bloomers, and child advocates, TEAM PCAND raises the level of public dialogue about child abuse prevention – both on the track and off.

In January of 2014, TEAM PCAND members and friends inaugurated TEAM KAIZEN, a Japanese phrase meaning “good change.” TEAM KAIZEN, supported by eight volunteer coaches, inspires youth to be joyful and confident, using an experienced-based running program. In Bismarck-Mandan, and now in the Fargo area, TEAM KAIZEN youth learn about healthy fitness routines and lifestyle choices, while building strong character traits. Often, the youth also become outspoken advocates for peers and friends who’ve faced abuse and neglect.

Meet the Runners/Coaches

Lynn BeiswangerLynn Beiswanger
"My life has been blessed, and to have an opportunity to mentor young people is a time for me to share these blessings in a way that creates a positive change in their lives and mine."
Julie BoschJulie Bosch
"I believe that children are a gift from God, and that any abuse of that is a fault of our society, which includes me as part of society. To dedicate running to this worthy cause feels so right and so good!"
Leslie BrunetteLeslie Brunette
"I am running with a purpose. I am a survivor and thriver. For years I 'ran' from my abuse. Now I am running for abuse prevention! I have times during my miles when I think about children that are enduring abuse now. I remember times when I was enduring, and those memories serve as fuel for my run. I know I can and have to endure the discomfort I am experiencing at the moment, because every mile we cover is one more mile we run down for child abuse prevention. We run as TEAM PCAND to change the lives of children and families, one mile at time!"
Melanie CarvellMelanie Carvell
"When we search for our own happiness, we often come up short. But when we serve others, doing things that create meaning and value for others, that’s when we really find happiness!"
Lori KlabundeLori Klabunde
"When the miles become difficult, and I need to dig deep to find the strength to finish, I find myself thinking of all the challenges abused children face. That provides the strength I need to finish."
Kathy LeinKathy Lein
"Running has provided such joy, confidence, friendship, and so many other positives in my life! Being able to share it with teens and young adults is a gift and blessing. For someone who was never an athlete as a young person, I am proof that anybody can do it!"
Janelle OJanelle Olson
"Running to make the world a better place for children is indescribable. Also, the PCAND logo is on the back of our shirts, and as I pass other runners, there is always an exchange of encouraging words."
Marnie WalthMarnie Walth
"Running for child abuse prevention is an opportunity to take something I love, running, and use it to increase awareness: Child abuse is a heart-breaking problem, but it’s preventable."


For more information, contact Sandy Tibke, Executive Director, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 701.223.9052.